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About Head Over Heels

New England’s “Head Over Heels” is the dream child of Michael Scacco. After working with a tri-state area band, he made the decision to move on and immediately began recruiting top notch players from within and outside of the area.
We cover music that you can dance to and specialize in creating an energy-filled experience for all. Collectively, we have years of experience performing at top venues and opening at festivals and concerts for national acts.
Our band prides itself on presenting and entertaining you and your guests with a professional package-we're easy to work with and we NEVER fail to impress! We'll work with you on details for your event, and do whatever we can to make it even better than you planned. We know your event is very important and special to you, maybe even a once in a lifetime occasion, so our goal is to help you make it happen exactly the way you want it to happen.

You know you are in for a real treat.....Get ready to dance, dance, dance!!!!!!!

Meet the band

Each of our members helps give Head Over Heels it's own unique, collective personality.